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Third Party Liability & Cargo Insurance
Unlike many load brokers in the transportaion industry, Kawartha Freight has always held a "Third Party Liability & Cargo Insurance Policy".

This policy ensures that the freight we broker to other carriers is always insured. Even if that carrier has let their insurance lapse or expire, Kawartha Freight's policy will always keep your shipments insured.

Once you have become an established customer of Kawartha Freight Services, we will have our insurance company issue you a "Certficate of Insurance" directly. This means that if for some reason our insurance lapses or expires, our insurance company is required "BY LAW" to notify you.
(see attached copy of Certificate)
$ 10,000.00 Surety Bond
We also carry a $ 10,000.00 surety bond. This prevents any carriers attempting to "double bill" or threaten to bill for freight charges you have already paid to us.
(see attached copy of Surety Letter)
Licencing and Insurance