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Here are some other services we offer at no cost...

Traffic Reports
For medium to high volume customers, we can offer TRAFFIC REPORTS. This allows Traffic Managers to spend more time on other duties, by letting Kawartha Freight Services perform this task.

Traffic Reports can be customized to whatever requirements you may have.
Split Billing
Because of the cost of shipping these days, many companies will ship their goods part of the way, while the receiver will be responsible for transportation beyond (FOB). This increases the risk of loss or damage to goods, because the freight usually transfers from truck to truck and terminal to terminal.

We can reduce that risk by eliminating many of the unnecessary freight transfers and cross dockings, by leaving the goods on the same truck that it loads on. We can do this by billing each party separately for their portion of the trip. This also reduces overall cost and transit time.
With strict rules at both Canada and U S Customs border crossings, document preparation can get confusing at times. Border delays, bond-shed fees, wharehouse and re-delivery charges can get to be quite expensive.

We can review any advanced copy of customs documents, and have a custom broker review them before the freight is loaded, streamlining the border clearance proceedures, by having the documents corrected immediately.
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Document Vetting
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